Recipe courtesy of on youtube.
Link to original recipe:

Butter: 20g
Sugar: 25g
Salt: A pinch
Yeast: 12g
Eggs: 1 yolk. 1 beaten to brush on top
Milk: 275ml(Luke warm)
Sesame seeds: As needed
Mix together flour , milk , butter , sugar , salt, yeast in a mixer.
When mixed well,place on a counter top and knead manually for a minute.
Allow to rise for an hour.

Now put your finger in the risen dough to deflate.Knead again for a minute.
Make into the desired shape.Put on a baking tray. Allow to rise for a further 20 min.

Bake at 225-250 degree Celsius for 10-15 min or until brown on top.
Remove from oven and cool on wire racks.

Original recipe also used rock salt as well but  we didn't have that so we haven't used any.
Till next time:)

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