When i was in middle school i was a very chubby kid.In fact my nickname was "moti" (or fatso).... ;)I hated that nickname with a vengeance but i couldn't do much about it as i loved to eat(and also i had not yet been introduced to the concept of starving my self to death in the name of dieting).In time i lost most of my baby fat and Allah gifted me with a metabolism that is too fast for my weight to catch up:) But my love for food is still there in all its glory.I am a junk food addict (literally). I can eat from food stalls on my street for the rest of my life and not complain.
My mom is a great cook(as all Pakistani moms are). I always wanted to cook like her but for some reason i could never get quiet the flavor profile that she has in her food. Pakora's are the first thing i learned to cook exactly like her.So i am really proud of this recipe.

 Pakora is a fried Starter (i guess) which is made with chick pea flour and vegetables.Most people in Pakistan make it  but recipes and ingredients vary according to the cook and the household.
This is my way of making it and i always am complimented on it.So today i am sharing it with you:)
chick pea flour (basin): 1 cup
Onions (medium): 2 thinly sliced
Green onions: 2-3 thinly sliced
Potato:1 cut in triangles and boiled for 3 min
Eggs : 2 One boiled n cut in triangles
Green chillies:3-4 thinly sliced
Coriander and mint leaves : chopped
Lemon juice: 2tbsp
White vinegar (sirka): 2 tsp
salt: to taste (i used 1 tbsp)
red chilli powder : 2tbsp
Dried fenugreek (kasuri methi): 2 tsp
Mango powder(Amchoor): 2 tsp
cunim (zerra): 1tsp
Black pepper powder: 1 tsp
Chat masala powder: 1 tsp.
Water (as needed)
1.Cut all the vegetables.

2.Add one egg,vinegar,lemon juice and all the spices to the chick pea flour.

3. Make a batter that is not too thick and (definitely) NOT too watery.Add in the veggies as well.

4.Heat oil in a frying pan on medium heat.Do not fry in oil that is cold because you wont get the right consistency.And if the oil is too hot the pakoras wont cook from inside (believe me a pakora that is a gooey mess from inside is totally gross)

Serve hot with ketchup or mint chutney.The chutney in the pic below is courtesy of my mom:)

There you go . enjoy :)
  • The more onions,mint and corriender you put in the batter , the better will be the taste of the end product.
  • some people use baking powder but i find that baking powder will make the pakoras puff up and they absorb too much oil(i don't like that) but if you want to use it than only add a pinch.
  • Keep the veggies and the batter separate until just before you start frying because onions will make the batter watery if left in it too long.
  • Apart from the above ingredients , dried pomegranate seeds. dried corriander seed  and dried chilli flakes (if u have them on hand) can also be added.
  • Serve hot.Cold pakoras just don't taste right:)

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Ayesha Z said...

different recipe of pakoras love it and will for sure try it:)great work done by your all the recipes now a days

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